The more I’ve researched the topic and every ones views, I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael Moore exaggerated Bowling for Columbine horribly. Although the intent of the movie was acceptable, the way he presented the information was very bias and not your typically “documentary” style. The academy’s definition of a documentary is: An eligible documentary film is defined as a theatrically released non-fiction motion picture dealing creatively with cultural, artistic, historical, social, scientific, economic or other subjects. It may be photographed in actual occurrence, or may employ partial re-enactment, stock footage, stills, animation, stop-motion or other techniques, as long as the emphasis is on fact and not on fiction.

Although the Columbine shootings are non fiction, Moore uses that as his mechanism to get into peoples heads by appealing to emotion. When people see the shootings with the the facts hes throwing at us in between, its very easy to believe every word he is saying. Many of the speeches that were shown were heavily edited to make the effect even stronger(Hardy).

Overall I believe Bowling for Columbine is very deceptive and over-rated. To the naked eye, its not difficult to believe the words that are coming from his mouth when he appeals to emotions like he did; however, when I researched facts about the movie, I have come to the conclusion that this movie was a crock.


I really enjoyed this movie, althought i usually dislike the informational movies, this was actual really true and useful information. The movie took aspects from every point of view, and I liked that it wasn’t edited. It really bothers me when things are bleeped out of a movie were trying to watch it. Its absolutley crazy the statistics they were throwing out there and it made me really upset. The fact that the United States is so much more hateful and dangerous than other countries for no reason, is scary. I never truly knew the full story of columbine and that also troubled my thoughts. The fact that someone could kill others without remorse boggles my mind. People get killed everyday in our country, and its terrible that we can’t seem to keep that under control. The person who created this movie had an awesome way at looking at the whole situation, it made me realize how wrong things are in our country. We need to change our outlook on our world in order to make anything better. We as americans see the bad side of things, and the good things, don’t make the news. When I turn on the t.v. the first thing i hear or see on the news is someone getting shot, or a rapeing, or a link of murders. Never does the good news outweight the bad, and its horrible that we as a country relate everything to something bad. I hope someday we can reform our communities and change our outlook on our outstanding country.

Currently, I am a senior at Marquette Senior High School and I am dual enrolling at Northern. Its unbelievable how much different the two places are. From going back and forth between schools, I realize how much i really dispise my high school. They treat us like we are still in middle school. For an example, just recently they made a rule that a student has to be escourted to the bathroom when a sub is teaching the class. How absurd is that? I am eighteen years old, and I have to be escourted to the bathroom, so they can listen to me take a piss? It makes me so angry that they would treat us like such babies, all because of people taking advantage of substitute teachers. News-flash! Thats what happens when a sub is in charge! College is so different and I love it so much more, and I cannot wait to get out of that hell hole called a high school.

I’m not on the internet a lot, but when I am I usually visit these sites:


6.NMU websites

A couple years ago I found out that prisoners receive free healthcare and I was appalled. The fact that law abiding citizens don’t recieve healthcare unless its paid for, and law-breaking prisoners are granted it, is rediculous. A thirty one-year-old inmate – a twice-convicted felon – serving a 14-year sentence for armed robbery, receieved a heart transplant in front of a long waiting list of good citizens looking for a new heart. At first, the administration refused to give it to him, but than he sued. The prisoner received not only the heart, but $35,000 from the state because of the state’s deliberate indifference.

The prisoner of California was saved before all other citizens. How sick is that? It is completley unfair that prisoners get healthcare and that needs to be changed. They should only receieve immediate health care, but be in line like everyone else. They should not be treated better than everyone else, there in prison for a reason right? They had there chance to abide by the rules, but they did not. It’s not right for them to have the benefit of healthcare among all other people in the United States.

It’s hard to name pet peeves when your supposed too, but here goes…

1. Caddy/mean girls

2. Hypocrites

3. Self-centered people

4. Gas prices

5. Police/law enforcement taking advantage of people

6. That it takes 9 girls to go to the bathrroom, when one of them only has to go

7. Making a huge deal out of little things

8. Commercials

9.Pro football and basketball players arguing calls

10. Inconsiderate drivers

My first initial reaction to this election was shock. Now that i am finally eighteen, I was involved in the voting of our new president and that felt amazing. I’m in awe that for the first time in eight years, we have a new leader for our country. People everywhere have mixed feelings about the change, whether they are: eager, excited, sad, confused, scared etc. I personally am very excited about this change, we need a change in our society and i believe Barack Obama can help us tremendously. There will be obvious differences from switching from republican to a democrat because of what type of values they hold. For this reason, i think it will be troublesome for citizens everywhere. He wants big changes for our country, which could be good, or bad. Everything from taxes, to war, to the economy and more is going to change or be put through changes. Overall I’m ecstatic because our country finally has a new, innovative leader.

Recently, I went to the movie Saw 5. I was so excited to see it because all of the other Saw movies were great. The saw movies aren’t like normal scary movies, it’s more of a mind game than it actually being a scary movie. These movies are admirable because they focus on the plot of the story rather than the gore and filfth of it. Many scary movies these days are filled with blood and the slaughterings of many people. Although the saw movies do contain some of these elements, what you walk away with is the thought of his twisted scenario.

On Monday I watched Saw 5 and i was so dissapointed. The movie was filled with morbid scenes which overtook the themes of all the other movies. Saw makers have gone to far with creating these movies. They need to end it at Saw 5 before they get any worse.

Debating is a thing that scares me. I tend to easily back down when a good point has come across, unless I am very informed about the topic. I don’t especially like debating because I don’t like argueing with people. My weaknesses are that I don’t always speak my mind, I tend to go with the flow, and I’m not very informed with topics around the world. If I am informed of the issue, and the topic is one that means a lot to me, I would be able to say whats on my mind and leave it at that. 

Topics I would be able to speak about are:



Police/law enforcement

Drinking age


Company bailouts



Police brutality

Health care provided for prisoners

Mr. Wilson, a band and computer teacher, has taught in marquette since 1984. Recently he has been arrested on counts of criminal sexual conduct with his previous students. In seventh grade I had to switch over from graveraet to bothwell with no choice. I myself never had Mr. Wilson as a teacher, but i feel as if I had. My best friend at the time was in band with Mr. Wilson all three years of her middle school career. She is a very pretty girl, so I knew something was fishy when he started ‘iming’ her online. I lived through her eyes when it came to him because everyday she came to me with stories. Whether it was making strange comments, or favoring the girls over the guys, everyone thought of Mr. Wilson as a creep. It amazes me that this is actually a reality, I never thought something like this could happen in Marquette. The thought also scares me that we had a man like that in our school district. It makes me wonder, what else could be happening behind the students backs? I’m so glad Mr. Wilson is behind bars and i pray nothing like this will ever happen again in our schools. Good for the girls that stuck up for themselves, I’m proud they came out and stood up for there rights.